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Service Above All Else

My parents relocated to Mesa, AZ in 1971. Most of my childhood was spent in North Mesa on a dirt road beside orange groves. (You can’t find it now!) I’ve seen a lot of changes happen in the Phoenix metro area. My mom was a realtor when I was young and I have memories being her sidekick as we searched out perfect homes for Buyers. My parents were also pastors at a local church and I was taught early about a life of service. That value propelled me into many leadership roles along with pastoral care after marrying the love of my life. I strive to teach our son the same thing ~ to make the world a better place.

Training in multiple careers and places has ingrained in me a foundation of customer service. I have taught all age groups, been a trainer and mentor, conducted interviews and many roles that give me a strong perspective on how to help. I am a naturally encouraging and I’ve learned looking for the win-win helps clients achieve their goals. I strive to learn continually, so I give my clients the best of me. I have been a Realtor since 2013 and my favorite part is the people I meet. I joined Team Beery because of our mutual goals of integrity, excellent customer service, sharing knowledge and having fun!

 I jumped at the opportunity to be a founding member of Team Beery. I work best in collaboration and a team naturally enhances my personal growth. I thrive when a part of something bigger than myself. Elaine, Scott & I share integral values and our hearts come from similar places. Our desire for integrity and excellence combine to make us an incredible force to help not only our clients but other realtors and customers on the other side of each transaction.

I look forward to helping you! Phoenix Real Estate is ever-growing and developing. This means there will always be ways to teach, help and encourage our clients. I am here to do just that. I want you to achieve your real estate goals & dreams!

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