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Welcome to Chandler, AZ

6th Most Livable City in the U.S. (SmartAsset 2020)

Chandler’s proactive leadership, corporate-friendly environment, world-class labor force, and market reach have made it an attractive location for businesses of all sizes and industries. Away from work, the Chandler community is committed to developing a sense of place that draws new visitors and enriches the lives of all their residents. Named 6th most livable city in the USA and 8th Best city to buy a home in 2020. It is no wonder Chandler has a thriving, lively downtown vibe, great infrastructure to support business and residential alike.

Real Time Market Profile


Chandler will be soon landlocked. Meaning no new communities will be built. In the meantime, as you drive around Chandler you will see many infill communities popping up. Chandler like most towns in the east valley started out as a farming community- but if you think about that- farming in the desert…We have the Salt River Project to thank for that Phoenix then in turn, now has the ability to sustain over 6 million people in the valley, today.

Chandler has a growing job market, great shopping, entertainment, and like so many Arizonans, the people of Chandler truly enjoy outdoor activities. Fortunately, there are abundant opportunities to golf, bike, hike, camp, boating, and fishing all within 30-45 min away. 


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Chandler is also an excellent setting for both recreation and culture. Horseback riding, running paths, biking trails, aquatic centers, golf courses, museums, sports fields, and concert venues are all located within the City’s borders. However, Greater Phoenix residents live a truly regional lifestyle and Chandler’s central location makes it possible to enjoy all the culture, sports and lifestyle amenities all large metro area offers.

There is such a great support for this community including physicians, pre-schools, charter schools, a community recreation facility, and Chandler’s theater for the preforming arts. But one of the most important strengths Chandler has is the large corporations that have decided to call Chandler home.

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